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How can VBOX be used for Brake Testing?

The VBOX brake testing product line has been designed to meet automotive regulations. Therefore, the high standard and expected quality of results is often beyond what is required by mining users.

Braking Distance Accuracy

To measure stopping distances from a trigger, a VBOX 2SX (5, 10 or 20 Hz) system allows users to determine the exact moment the brake trigger is pressed and the distance travelled before coming to a complete stop.

  • VBOX 2SX 5 Hz +/- 20 cm
  • VBOX 2SX 10 Hz +/- 15 cm
  • VBOX 2SX 20 Hz +/- 10 cm

VB2SX Brake Stop Accuracy refers to stopping distance as tested on a standard passenger vehicle, and may vary on a haul truck depending on the fitment and movement of the GPS antenna.


VBOX systems can also be sent for calibration as required, although this is not necessary to ensure accuracy of VBOX equipment as calibration results are consistently positive.

Typical Brake Test Equipment
  • VBOX 2SX 5 Hz or 10 Hz or 20 Hz system
  • Brake Trigger (RLVBACS004) or Pedal Force Load Cell (enquire for custom solution if pedal force is required to be measured)
  • VBOX Display System (RLACS246) is delivered as a Surface Pro System configured for use with VBOX to run the VBOX Test Suite Brake Test plugin live
  • Microsoft Surface Accessories Kit (RLACS248)
surface_pro (1).jpg brake_trigger (1).jpg


There is also a Multi-Function Display (MFD), which displays live parameters. For example, the MFD is used so the driver can see live speed and trigger speed whilst conducting the brake test.

mfd (1).png

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