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What is the difference between the VBOX Video HD2 and the Video VBOX Pro?

Camera Configuration

The VBOX Video HD2 High-Definition cameras (RLACS222KITconsist of a single 6 m cable attached to each camera, and do not allow for extension cables due to the nature of the signal. The Video VBOX Pro Standard-Definition cameras (RLACS244KITallow for cable extensions so there is more flexibility to capture footage from several points-of-view.

Any cable damage to the SD camera kit could be easily replaced by replacing the extension cable whereas damage to the HD camera cables would require replacement of the entire camera assembly. The heavy duty accessories for the Rugged Video VBOX Standard-Definition system have been specifically designed at the request of VBOX Mining users to protect the equipment.

Physical Protection

A modified Pelican case has been designed around the Video VBOX Pro and its ability to use bulkhead connectors to connect heavy duty VBOX cabling to the outside of the Pelican case. Some users have applied a similar approach to the VBOX Video HD2, but since inline connectors cannot be used, a simple hole and rubber grommet has been applied to the lightweight VBOX case to protect the VBOX Video HD2 in a mining environment.

  VBOX Video HD2 Rugged Video VBOX Video VBOX Pro
Cameras Supports up to 2 HD cameras (RLACS222KIT) Supports up to 4 heavy duty SD cameras (RLACS244KIT) Supports up to 4 SD cameras
Camera Cables Does not support camera extension cables Supports heavy duty camera extension cables Supports camera extension cables
Storage Media Logs to SD card or USB drive Logs to SD card or USB drive Logs to SD card or USB drive
Antenna GPS & GLONASS capable GPS & GLONASS system available GPS & GLONASS system available
Protection Includes lightweight VBOX case Includes heavy duty Pelican case Includes lightweight VBOX case
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