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Rugged Video VBOX Pro (discontinued)

Rugged Video VBOX Pro (RLVD10P-MS)

  • Video VBOX Pro upgraded with heavy duty protection to suit the mining environment (IP67).
  • Pelican Case modified to house a Video VBOX Pro, four heavy duty cameras with stainless steel enclosures, an IMU and accessories.
  • Power options to connect to in-cabin power supply, directly to 24 V truck power supply or batteries.

IMPORTANT - This product has now been discontinued and removed from sale, further details on the VBOX Mining Hardware range are available on our website.

Rugged Video VBOX Pro Quick start link.png Rugged Video VBOX Pro User manual link.png
Rugged Video VBOX Pro knowledgebase link.png  
RLVD10P-MS-1-camera-case-magnetic.png RLVD10P-MS-1Cam-magnetic.png
RLVD10P-MS-1-camera-case-close.png RLVD10P-MS-1-kit.png
RLVD10P-MS-in-case.png RLVD10P-MS-case-ports.png
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