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Rugged Video VBOX Pro Inventory and Optional Accessories

Parts Supplied with RLVD10P-MS

Reference Description Category Product Code
Video VBOX Pro 10 Hz Unit Video VBOX Pro unit enabled with 8 CAN channels Video VBOX VD10P
Mining System Pelicase with integrated cabling and voltage adaptor Pelicase modified with heavy duty connector and voltage for Video VBOX Pro and IMU04, 524 mm x 428 mm x 206 mm (l x w x d) Pelicase RLACS245-V2
Lemo 5 way Plug - USB A Socket (VVBOX USB Data Logging) 2 m cable to connect solid state drive to Video VBOX Pro for extended storage Data Logging Storage RLCAB073
Lemo 5 way Plug - USB ‘A’ Plug (VVBOX USB Configuration) 2 m cable to connect Video VBOX Pro to computer for configuration via Video VBOX Setup software USB Config RLCAB072
Video VBOX Mono Microphone 2.5 m cable with microphone to record audio to Video VBOX Pro Microphone RLACS133
Antenna MagMount GPS L1 GPS only antenna, detachable style without the antenna cable Antenna TW2010 (RLACS158)
Antenna Cable RF240 SMA Plug - N-Type Plug 5.5 m heavy duty antenna cable to connect Pelicase to antenna (Ø6.1 mm) Antenna RLCAB138
Ruggedised 580TVL camera with bulkhead connector Video VBOX Pro camera, ruggedised with heavy duty stainless steel enclosure (660 g weight, M6 bolts on collar) Heavy Duty Camera 2 x RLACS244
Camera Suction Mount Lightweight camera/display suction mount, applicable to any video product, ¼-20 UNC thread Camera Mount 2 x RLACS233
Magnetic Adaptor Magnetic adaptor for use with RLACS233, ¼-20 UNC thread Camera Mount 2 x RLACS251
Lemo 4 way 2K Plug - Plug 4 m heavy duty cable to connect Pelicase to heavy duty camera (7.5 x 9.3 mm) Heavy Duty Camera 2 x RLCAB135
Lemo 4 way 2K Plug - Socket 3 m heavy duty cable to extend camera cable length (7.5 x 9.3 mm) Heavy Duty Camera RLCAB136-3
Lemo 4 way 2K Plug - Socket 6 m heavy duty cable to extend camera cable length (7.5 x 9.3 mm) Heavy Duty Camera 3 x RLCAB136-6
Lemo 2 way 0K Plug - Cigar Socket 3 m cable to connect Pelicase to 12 V cigarette power supply (Ø3.5 mm) Power Supply RLCAB137
Lemo 2 way 0K Plug - Unterminated 10 m cable to connect Pelicase to vehicle power supply Power Supply RLCAB142-10
SD Card 128 GB SDXC Card Data Logging Storage RLACS211

Optional Accessories


Reference Description Product Code

Mining System Ruggedised 580TVL kit

Rugged stainless steel standard-definition camera kit, including: camera, camera cable, and lightweight mount with magnetic adaptor


Video VBOX 4.3 Preview Monitor - Lemo 6 way Plug Small monitor to preview camera point-of-view (for use with Video VBOX Pro) RLACS217
Windscreen Suction Mount Heavy duty suction mount for camera with ¼-20 UNC thread RLVBACS041

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

Reference Description Product Code
VBOX Inertial Measurement 04 (IP67) System Device with 3x accelerometers and 3x gyroscopes to log inertial data to VBOX RLVBIMU04
Lemo 6 way Plug Splashproof - Lemo 5 way Plug Splashproof CAN only (VBOX IMU04) 20 m cable to connect Pelicase to IMU04 (Ø4.3 mm) RLCAB120S-20

Blanking Plug for splashproof IMU module

Plug used to cover unused IMU port when only one IMU is connected


CAN termination resistor Splashproof (5WSL) for IMU04

Plug used to cover and terminate CAN Bus network when more than one IMU is connected


Roof Mount for use with VBOX IMU04 Unit Magnetic roof mount to fit IMU on a flat metal surface RLACS216

USB to Serial Adapter - 1 m

To connect IMU to a computer to configure or upgrade the unit.



Reference Description Product Code

Lemo 5 way Plug Splashproof - 6 Wire Unterminated

10 m cable to terminate and connect Pelicase to vehicle CAN bus


Solid State Drive 1 TB SSD LS03WSSD-1TB

Power Supply

Reference Description Product Code
5 Ahr Li lon Battery Pack and Charger with Lemo 2 way Plug Battery pack for Video VBOX Pro with charging plug RLACS112L-XX


  • Pelicase includes bulkhead connectors for: 4 x cameras, 1 x CAN (i.e. IMU, Vehicle CAN Bus), 1 x antenna, 1 x power supply
  • Notch on top of heavy duty camera denotes top-of-camera
  • Check cabling dimensions for compatibility with fitment
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