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Rugged Video VBOX Pro Technical Specification

Pelican Case

Reference 1550 Protector Case
Size 524 mm x 428 mm x 206 mm (excluding bulkhead connectors)
Weight (loaded) 7 kg
Bulkhead Connector - Power 0K 2-way Lemo, Ø3.5 mm cable
Bulkhead Connector - CAN/Serial 0K 5-way Lemo, Ø4.3 mm cable
Bulkhead Connector - Camera (x4) 2K 4-way Lemo, 7.5 x 9.3 mm cable
Bulkhead Connector - Antenna Type N Connector, Ø6.1 mm cable
Input Voltage 8 – 30 V (includes voltage adaptor)


RLVD10P-MS-1-kit1.png RLVD10P-MS-case-ports.png

Heavy Duty Cameras

Reference Ruggedised 580TVL camera (does not include mount) RLVD10P-MS-1Cam-magnetic-standalone.png
Size (l x w) 80 mm x Ø35 mm
Outer Collar Width Ø47 mm
Material Enclosure: Stainless steel; Lens cover: Sapphire glass
Weight 660 g
Fittings ¼-20 UNC thread under camera body, M6 side-bolts on collar

Video VBOX Pro 10 Hz

GPS Specifications

Accuracy 0.1 km/h (averaged over 4 samples)
Units km/h or mph
Update Rate 10 Hz
Maximum Velocity 1600 km/h
Minimum Velocity 0.1 km/h
Resolution 0.01 km/h
Latency <160 ms


Accuracy 0.05 % (<50 cm per km)
Units m or ft
Resolution 1 cm


2D Position ±3 m (95% CEP*)
Height 10 m (95% CEP*)


Accuracy 1 %
Maximum 4 g
Resolution 0.01 g


Accuracy 0.1°
Resolution 0.01°


Lap Timing (OLED / Circuit Tools)
Accuracy 0.01 s**
Resolution 0.01 s


* Circle of Error Probable (CEP): 95 % of the time the position readings will fall within a circle of the stated diameter

** Not using DGPS and crossing the start/finish line at 100 km/h

Graphics, Sound and Storage

Recording Options
Record only when moving (default); Continuous record; Record start / stop button


24 bit colour plus 256 levels of alpha transparency
Virtually unlimited number of gauges, g-plots, bar graphs, track maps, text and images
Choose from the internal GPS parameters or external CAN/Serial parameters
Standard library of gauges, fonts etc
User definable gauges, fonts etc
Alerts: Text and images can change when a parameter is over / under a desired limit


Resolution Options
DVD 720 x 576 at 25 frames per second (PAL)
DVD 720 x 480 at 30 frames per second (NTSC)


Compression Options
3 levels of quality - high (default), medium and low
Depending on content, rates typically 2 MB/s, 0.5 MB/s or 0.25 MB/s for full frame DVD


Memory Usage
For full quality DVD using MPEG-4 set to high quality, uses approx. 2 GB per hour

Environmental and Physical

Input Voltage 9 – 15 V
Power 7.2 W Max
Size 170 mm x 122 mm x 33 mm
Weight 700 g
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C



IMU04 (if specified)


Gyroscopes (Angular rate sensors)
Dynamic range Full-Scale: ±450 ˚/s
Nonlinearity % of full scale: 0.01 %
Resolution 16 bit ADC (0.014 /s)
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Noise density 0.015 °/s/√Hz
Bias stability ±0.0035 °/s
Bias repeatability (1 year) 0.5 °/s


Range ±5 g
Nonlinearity typical 0.03% FS; max 0.05% FS
Resolution 16 bit ADC (0.15 mg)
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Noise density 150 µg/√Hz
Bias stability 40 µg
Bias repeatability (1 year) 0.005 g


Temperature Sensor
Temperature calibration range 0˚C to 55˚C
Temperature resolution 0.1˚C

Environmental and Physical

Maximum Power Consumption 1.7 W
Typical Power Consumption 1.3 W
Voltage 7 – 30 V DC
Operating Temperature  -20 ˚C to +70 ˚C
Maximum Ratings (Shock) Powered (0.5 ms): 2000 g
Unit Weight 156 g
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