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What underground solutions can VBOX offer?

GPS speed data is not available underground, however, VBOX can integrate with other systems to create other parameter channels (i.e. speed and distance) to be analysed using VBOX software.

RACELOGIC have conducted testing using a Radar III from DICKEY-john, and have confirmed that it is possible to log speed data from the radar to a VBOX 3i with the addition of a Mini Input Module. This would also be possible with the VBOX 2SX. However, it is not currently possible to determine the map route –  which is based on GPS coordinates – only speed and distance can be determined when the radar system is correctly configured to log to the VBOX. It would also be possible to log accelerometer/gyroscope data from an IMU system when connected.

When using a DICKEY-john radar to connect to the VBOX for underground applications, please note that DICKEY-john have advised that the above RVS Radar III Sensor would not be suitable if you are mining highly flammable materials or gas. Therefore, this system configuration is not recommended for environments with the potential of flammable gas such as underground coal mining.

Below is an excerpt from a test run on the road where GPS signal was lost due to the vehicle travelling under trees and tunnels. Red is GPS speed and grey is radar speed.

graph (1).png

The input channel CANVEL will allow the VBOX to translate the radar data directly through to the GPS speed channel when GPS speed is not available.

vbox_images (1).png

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