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Mini OLED Display DSP06

The Mini OLED Display (RLVBDSP06) is the perfect partner to VBOX logging systems. It is suitable even in bright conditions and is simple to use. It can show a wide range of parameters, including live and max speed, lap times, and predictive lap timing.

The Mini OLED's size makes it ideal for applications where there is limited space to mount devices, such as a single-seater race car. It also has additional LEDs to indicate your speed relative to your fastest lap

You can find more information on the Mini OLED Display on our website.

Mini OLED - Predictive Lap Timing.png

Compatible VBOX products

dsp06_with_lemo.png dsp06_with_Hirose.png

Video VBOX Pro with 2 cameras (Custom).jpg

Video VBOX Pro 



VBOX Video HD2 & Cameras.jpg

VBOX Video HD2



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