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01 - VBOX HD Introduction

This manual covers the two functions of VBOX HD Setup software.

  1. Defining settings within a VBOX HD unit, to be done prior to logging data.
    This covers Vehicle CAN or Racelogic Module data capture, user defined logging strategy and video quality settings.
  2. Setting up a video overlay and post processing graphics over logged video files.

Throughout this guide we will be referring to the following:


A Scene is the setup file (‘.SCN’ file) which defines the layout of the graphical overlay and sets the system parameters such as CAN channels, logging settings etc.


These are graphical items in the scene, such as gauges, text, picture-in-picture, bar graphs, Track maps etc.


Software installation

Install the software using the CD provided, or download the latest version here.


VBOX HD will work straight out of the box. However, to log CAN data from a vehicle, the relevant CAN database file for the specific vehicle must be loaded into the VBHD scene file and uploaded to VBOX HD box. [see page 18 for more info].

Other setup items to consider prior to logging data are listed below.

Item Page Default setting
Log Settings [17] Auto log when speed is detected
Video Settings [18] High quality
Serial Settings [17] Will work with OLED

All other video overlay setup can be completed after data logs have been completed.

Lap Timing with OLED

VBOX HD has Racelogic’s extensive start/finish database built into its firmware. This will use the detected GPS location to determine a start line to load into the OLED, for live lap timing. This means that pre-configuring start lines into scene files is not required.  If the circuit has more than one track, simply select the desired layout from the OLED menu as shown below.

25 (2).png

Please note that when post processing video files, a start line or track map/auto map element must be present in the scene in order for any on screen lap timing parameters to work.

Click here for more info on setting up and using auto map elements.

LED Functions

LED Colour Indicates
PWR Green Power on and supply OK. 
PWR Red No power input – running off tank battery.
STATUS Green i) Solid indicates that the unit is ready to log – media inserted
ii) Flashing indicates uploading of either a scene or firmware is taking place
GPS Green i) Flashing indicates searching for satellites after GPS cold start
ii) Solid indicates SAT lock achieved
REC Blue Data being recorded to logging media

Tank Battery

Every VBOX HD logger contains a small internal battery to prevent loss of video or data should the power supply be interrupted or lost. This battery is continually recharged during normal operation.

If power is lost while the unit is logging, the unit will start a 25 second timeout. After this, the unit will beep for five seconds before closing the file currently being logged. When the file has been closed successfully, the unit will shut down.

If power is removed when the unit is not logging, it will start a 35s timeout while the unit shuts down.

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