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04 - VBOX HD OLED Display

OLED Display

When setting up the DSP04 OLED display with a VBOX HD, it is important to connect to the correct port of the OLED display. The OLED display only has a serial connection on the lower connector, with the buttons on the right hand side - as shown in this picture.

The configuration is indicated on a label on the rear of the OLED display. 

12 (1).png
The OLED should be connected into the ‘AUX’ port on the VBOX HD. vbhdaux (1).png

Auto Track Map

VBOX HD has Racelogic’s extensive start/finish database built into its firmware. This will use the detected GPS location to determine a start line to load into the OLED, for live lap timing. This means that pre-configuring start lines into scene files is not required.  If the circuit has more than one track, simply select the desired layout from the OLED menu as shown below.

25 (1).png

Please note that when post processing video files, a start line or track map/auto map element must be present in the scene in order for any on screen lap timing parameters to work. 

Click here for more info on setting up and using auto map elements.

Serial application settings

By default, the Video VBOX is setup to communicate with the OLED display via the Serial Port.  Here, this option can be turned off so the VBOX HD is not sending out any serial data.

11 (2).png

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