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11 - VBOX HD Display Ranges

The display range element can be used to show changing text or images depending on the value of a parameter. One example use for this element is to display vehicle gear. To create a new display range, use the Elements tab –> Display Range -> New. This will load a blank element. Alternatively, select one of the elements with pre-loaded images.

In order for this to work, the logged data file must contain vehicle RPM.  
HD Overlay software will search for any CAN channels with RPM, Revs, or Engine Speed included in the name.

The ranges for each gear must be identified within VBOX HD Setup.
For example, 1st gear could give a range of 0.0001 – 0.0065 and 2nd gear could give a range of 0.0066 – 0.0091.


For more detail on finding these ranges from within a VBO  data file, please look at pages 1, 2 and 4 of our online guide (page 3 can be skipped).

Simply set the parameter of the display range to Maths Channel, and Gear Ratio (mph) or (km/h).


A value can be entered to test how the element will work.


Default image/text - this will display when none of the range values are true, e.g. neutral for a stationary vehicle.


The calculated range values for each gear must be entered here along with the image/text chosen to be shown when the specified range value is true.

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