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03 - BTMS Hardware Installation

Install the infrared temperature sensors and wiring loom onto your vehicle. Make sure that the sensors are positioned directly opposite and across the surface of each brake disc. 

Two 3.2 mm holes are available on either side of each sensor for secure mounting to the chassis. Alternatively, you can use 3M Dual Lock to mount them, however, we do advise that you tether them to the chassis as well.

BTMS Hardware Install.png


4 temperature sensors.jpg

Be aware of the order in which the 16 infrared beams are arranged when you mount the sensors. See the image below and note the orientation of the sensor in the diagram. This is important when you select the Orientation of the sensors in the Sensor Settings menu.

Tyre Temp Sensor Hardware Install 2.png

Make sure that the infrared beams cover appropriate spots along the radial axis of the brake disc as illustrated in the image below.

BTMS Sensor Example.png

When you have completed the installation, plug the Lemo connector from the infrared Brake Temperature Monitoring loom into a 'CAN / SERIAL' socket on the side of the VBOX Touch display.

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