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01 - TTMS Introduction


The RACELOGIC Tyre Temperature Monitoring System (TTMS) is specifically designed to measure, log, and display the surface temperature of a tyre, providing invaluable information to the driver on the track. 

The system consists of RLACS272 tyre temperature sensors that are specifically designed to be used with the VBOX Touch display. You can use this system to measure the highly transient surface temperature of a tyre. The VBOX Touch has a real-time display of the temperature across the width of each tyre and the driver has immediate insight into what is happening to their tyres on the track. This will give you invaluable information for chassis tuning and driver development and for setting the optimum brake bias and tyre setup before a race. The responsive colour display gives you a visual representation via 64 individual heat maps per tyre, as well as live and maximum temperature values, current speed and VMAX.

TTMS VBOX Touch.png

Each sensor has a field of view of 120° and can measure up to 16 temperature points on an object, with surface temperatures ranging from -20°C to 300°C. The heat blocks on the display represent live tyre temperatures.

You can find the complete technical data for the Tyre Temperature Monitoring System on the datasheet, which is available on the VBOX Motorsport website.


  • 4.3" TFT daylight readable capacitive touch screen
  • 4 x high brightness LED Indicators
  • Up to 16 infrared temperature points per sensor
  • CAN Bus data output
  • 10 Hz GPS receiver with internal patch antenna
  • Removable protective rubber cover included
  • SMA connector for external GPS antenna (overrides the internal antenna when connected)
  • Live temperature display with VBOX Touch
  • Compatible with VBOX Video HD2 and VBOX Touch

Display Connectors

You can find more detailed connector information on the PIN-OUTS page.

Left Side

VBOX Touch Side SD View.png

Right Side

VBOX Touch Side Lemo View.png

Standard Inventory

Description Quantity Product Code
VBOX Touch 10 Hz Unit 1 VBTOUCH-V1
Rubber Overmould 1 MECH0298SD
Cigar Plug Power Supply (RLVBTTMS, 2 m) or Unterminated Power Supply (RLVBTTMS-M, 2 m) 1 RLCAB010LE / RLCAB014LE
Tyre Temperature Monitoring Sensors (120° FOV) 4 RLACS272-120
Wiring Loom 1 ACS272LOOM
8 GB SDHC Card (Class 10) 1 RLACS259
GNSS Antenna (3 m) 1 RLACS262
Swivel Neck Richter Suction Mount 1 RLACS277
Plastic Carry Case for VBOX Touch (not supplied with RLVBTTMS-M) 1 RLACS281
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