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How to Create a Reference Lap with Performance Box Touch

Performance Box Touch needs a reference lap to calculate Delta-T and Delta-V lap timing values in Lap Timing Mode.

Creating a Reference Lap

Performance Box Touch will automatically begin to create a reference lap when you cross the Start/Finish line or when it detects movement in Standing Start mode. It will complete the reference lap when you cross the Start/Finish line is crossed again or cross the separate Finish Line if you have created one.

Requirements for creating a reference lap:

  • The lap must be longer than 20 seconds.
  • The lap must be greater than 100 m.
  • The maximum speed achieved must be greater than 40 km/h.
  • The lap is over half the distance of the stored reference lap.
  • The lap time does not exceed 43'40.00".

You can also choose to ignore short laps from being used to create the reference lap by entering a Minimum Lap Time in the Settings.

When Performance Box Touch is creating a reference lap, a 'Creating a Reference Lap' message will be displayed on the Main Lap Timing Screen in the Delta-T section and the reference lap section will show a rolling lap time. The LEDs will also illuminate blue during the creation process.

Unless you fix the Reference Lap, Performance Box Touch will update the reference lap if you have a faster lap or if the new lap distance is more than double of the stored reference lap.

The reference lap will be retained after each power cycle.

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