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How to Pair Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor with VBOX Video HD2


In order to pair your Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (RLACS227) with your HD2 unit, you will first need to add a heart rate element within VBOX Video Setup software. The Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor should then automatically connect with the HD2 when it is turned on and no other monitor has been connected.

  1. Firstly, power up VBOX Video HD2.
  2. Insert the SD card in to a computer and open VBOX Video Setup software, which can be downloaded here.
  3. Add a new scene or select a previously saved scene by selecting the 'File' button.
  4. Select the ‘Heart rate’ element within the Scene view and position where required.

HRM Settings.png

  1. Save to the SD card.
  2. Remove the SD card and insert it in to the fully booted VBOX Video HD2.
  3. If no other Heart rate Monitor is paired with the HD2 and the unit is running Firmware Version V1.3.72 or later, the monitor will automatically connect to the unit when turned on.
  4. If another heart rate monitor is paired with the HD2, the existing paired monitor will need to be removed using the Camera Preview App.
  5. As soon as the heart rate monitor detects contact on the pads, it turns on and a blue LED will blink slowly to indicate that it is awaiting connection with the HD2.
    Note: For accurate readings, moisture is needed on the pads. Conductive gel works well, along with sweat. If the contact between the pads and skin isn’t good enough, the readings can be inaccurate and slow to update.
  6. When connection has been made, the blue LED will flash 3 times and then blink quickly (about twice every second) to indicate that it is paired with the HD2.
  7. A red LED will also flash each time a heartbeat is detected.
    Note: LEDs only operate for around 30 seconds to conserve battery.

If for some reason the monitor does not automatically connect with the unit, a pairing file can be installed on to the HD2 using the method below:

  • Once the scene has loaded, remove the card and upload the Bluetooth pairing file onto it.
  • Insert the card into the HD2, within a few seconds the HD2 will beep and the OK light will slowly flash orange.
  • Power cycle the unit.

Should you require a new pairing file, please contact

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