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VBOX Video HD2 Camera Troubleshooting


White, Pink or Purple Flashes/ Blue Lines

Some customers have experienced white, pink or purple flashes on their video playback, most commonly on older vehicles, however there have also been a few modern cars affected. The most recent Firmware Update reduces the effect of this interference to single blue lines.

white_flash1 (1).png


This is caused by electrical interference, primarily from ignition systems, however some spark plugs and Car to Pit radio systems also give off a lot of electrical noise. The HD2 power lead was found to pick up this interference and cause the white flashes/ blue lines seen in the video playback.


Current HD2 units are supplied with a new screened power supply (either cigar plug cable RLCAB010LE or unterminated cable RLCAB014LE) which eliminates this issue.

In older power cables, we have also found that adding a ferrite choke eliminates this problem in almost all cases.

Customers that experience this issue and have the older power cable variants (either cigar plug cable RLCAB010L or unterminated cable RLCAB014L) should contact us at and we will provide either a new power cable or ferrite choke kit (RLACS242) free of charge.

Installing a Ferrite Choke

To install the ferrite choke, please follow the steps below:

  • First, use the key provided to open the ferrite by pushing the two prongs into the slots on the edge of the ferrite and pushing down hard


img_0972 (1).jpg

  • Next, wrap the power cable 6 times around the ferrite, and snap shut
Ferrite 111.jpg

ferrite_222 (1).jpg

  • The ferrite should be placed as close as possible to the power connector on the box, as in the pictures above.
  • Please also ensure that any cables, antennas and cameras are placed as far away from the ignition coil and distributor as is practically possible.

*Customers using Bosch HKZ ignition systems can also help reduce interference by relocating the ignition system from the bulkhead of the engine bay to behind the engine.

Spark Plug Interference

For some customers we have also found that replacing the spark plugs with resistive type spark plugs also helps suppress electrical noise generated by the vehicle.

Below is an example of an NGK resistive spark plug. The 'R' on the side indicates it is resistive, note that this may vary between brands however this gives a good example of what to look for.

ngk_spark-plug (2).jpg

Green Screen

In some instances, customers have experienced an issue where the camera input only shows a blank green screen, see below.

untitled (1).png


This is caused by the main processor failing to lock onto the video input for the camera, most commonly if the camera is not correctly connected prior to boot up. When this is the Picture in Picture camera, it is disabled and only the main image is visible. When the main camera is affected the image will simply show a green image as the main camera cannot be hidden (as in the above image).


We have a solution to this which is undergoing development at this time and will be released as soon as possible.

In the meantime, users must ensure both cameras are properly connected prior to applying power to the VBOX.

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