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HD2 - Heart Rate Element - macOS

VBOX Video HD2 software allows the user to add a heart rate element, enabling the HD2 unit to be used with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. When the element is included within the scene, the heart image will flash in the video footage in accordance with the beats per minute reading calculated from the connected heart rate monitor.


Information on how to pair a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor with the VBOX Video HD2 can be found here.

Adding a heart rate element

To add a new heart rate element, click the ‘Heart rate’ icon from the top panel buttons menu.

VBVS Mac Heart Rate Button.png

This will cause a new heart rate element to be added to the main view windowOnce a heart rate element has been added to the scene, it can be clicked and dragged to the desired location.


The heart rate element can be resized using the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

VBVS Mac Heart Rate Resize.png


Heart rate settings

When an element is selected, its settings are shown in the right hand panel.

VBVS Mac Heart Rate Settings.png


Clicking on 'Return to original size' will revert the element back to its original size.


When a heart rate element is selected, the 'Parameter' section will automatically populate as 'Heart rate monitor' and 'Beats per minute'.

Elements can be removed from the scene in two ways; either by right-clicking on the element, selecting 'Delete' from the dropdown and confirming the prompt, or by pressing the 'Backspace' key on a keyboard, and again, confirming the prompt.

VBVS Mac Delete.png

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