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Uploading a New Scene to VBOX Video HD2

A Scene is the setup file (.vvhsn) which defines the layout of the graphical overlay and sets the system parameters such as logging conditions, CAN channels, lap-timing information, etc. There is a default scene included within the HD2 firmware, this will always remain stored on the units memory and can be loaded at any time using an OLED display. VBOX Video Software (WindowsmacOS) can be used to create a new scene with full graphical overlay user configurability.

To upload a new scene file (.vvhsn) to a VBOX Video HD2 unit, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Power up the VBOX Video HD2 unit with the cameras connected and without the SD card or USB stick inserted.
  2. Ensure the .vvhsn file(s) is located within the root directory of the SD card or USB stick (not in the media or any other folder).
  3. Load the SD card or USB stick into the front panel - the OK LED will flash green fast as the scene is loaded.
  4. The HD2 will double beep when the upgrade is complete - the OK LED will change to solid green.
  5. The new scene file will now be installed within your VBOX Video HD2 unit.
  6. To preview the new scene, the easiest method is to use the Camera Preview App.


  • It is possible to load up to 8 scene files to the unit for selection with an OLED Display. If more than 1 scene file is loaded and you don't have access to a display, the first scene alphabetically will be used by the unit. More information on this is available here.
  • The scene file(s) will be removed from the memory storage when installed to the unit.

Scenes cannot be named as 'default'.

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