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VBOX Video HD2 - Updating the Track Database


Occasionally, Racelogic releases new versions of the track map database to introduce new circuit maps and start/finish lines and update older tracks with new layouts.

The track map database stored in the VBOX Video HD2 updates in a Firmware Upgrade. However, you can also update the database manually.

Update your VBOX Video HD2 with the latest track database by using the following procedure:

  • Download the latest track database file by clicking on the Download button in the Video VBOX HD2 tile.
  • Place the Database_Hd.vvhdb file in the root directory of an SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  • Power up the VBOX Video HD2 unit.
  • Load the SD card into the front panel.
  • The device will beep twice when the upgrade is complete (the process may take up to 5 minutes).
  • Turn the device off and on again to complete the update.

Click the image below to view the latest tracklist.



Track map database.png

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