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Connecting AiM Devices to Video VBOX Lite


CAN data transmitted from AiM devices listed below can be received by Video VBOX Lite and used for producing full colour graphics that are overlaid onto the video in real-time, making your videos more exciting and informative.


  • AiM Dash Loggers: MyChron4, MyChron5, MXG, MXL, MXL Pista, MXL Pro05, MXL Strada, MXL2, MXS and SoloDL.
  • AiM Data Loggers: EVO3 Pista, EVO3 Pro, EVO4, EVO4S and EVO5.
  • AiM Bridges: ECU Bridge.

In order for the Video VBOX Lite System to capture CAN data from an AiM device, the following conditions need to be met:

  1. The correct scene file is loaded on the unit from Video VBOX Set-up software.
  2. The AiM device is setup correctly within RaceStudio2 or RaceStudio3 AiM software.
  3. There is a successful hardware connection between Video VBOX Lite and the AiM device using RLCAB145M, with the same CAN bus and Baud Rate.

Video VBOX Set-up

Scene files for use with AiM devices are available to download hereThe scenes already have the AiM CAN protocol to receive the data, and the CAN Baud Rate is set to 1 Mbit/s, which matches the Default Baud Rate of AiM devices. Please ensure that the 'Send Acknowledge' box is ticked.

vvb_setup (1).png

The scene is already configured to capture AiM CAN Channels such as Throttle Position, Brake Pressure, Engine Speed and Gear. If you would like to assign any other AiM CAN Channels to the scene which are not already displayed within the software, please download the AiM .ref file for your specific AiM device from the CAN Database. Load this file in to the software and assign the required channels to elements, instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Once you are satisfied with the scene, it can be saved to an SD card using the ‘Upload via SD card’ button or uploaded directly to the unit using the 'Upload via USB' button. Instructions on how to complete the upload to the Video VBOX Lite unit can be found here.

AiM Device Setup

In most cases, the AiM device will be already correctly configured for use with Video VBOX Lite, if it is not working correctly, then please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the compatible AiM device to a PC and depending on the product, open either AiM software program RaceStudio2 or RaceStudio3.
  2. Ensure the correct vehicle is selected and then click on the 'SmartyCam Stream' tab. This will list all of the standard SmartyCam channels that are transmitted from the AiM device alongside vehicle specific CAN channels which are chosen by the software to match these standard channels.
    Note: The VBOX Video HD2 Setup software mirrors these SmartyCam channels within the AiM channel selection. Make sure that the channel selection is the same in both pieces of software.
  3. Check that the CAN channels from the vehicle match the required SmartyCam Stream channels.
  4. If SmartyCam channels are not matched automatically to the vehicle CAN channels, drop downs enable you to choose from the available vehicle channels. Selecting 'Enable all channels for functions' enables you to select from any vehicle CAN channel, unticking limits the selection to vehicle channels deemed by the software as relevant to the SmartyCam channel.

racestudio3 (1).png

  1. Once you are satisfied with the setup, select ‘Transmit’ to save the configuration to the AiM device.

Hardware Connection

A physical connection between Video VBOX Lite and the AiM dash/ logger can be made via cable RLCAB145M. This cable connects between the 'CAN' port on the Video VBOX Lite and the AiM dashboard or AiM SmartyCam connection cable. 


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