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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Video VBOX Troubleshooting

Trouble Locking onto Satellites

  • Place the antenna where it has an unobstructed view of the sky. (See ‘GPS Antenna Placement’ below)
  • Perform a GPS Coldstart by pressing and holding the REC button for 5 seconds until the unit beeps 5 times. Then leave the unit powered up in an open static position for at least 15 minutes
  • Check the antenna connection is very clean; small amounts of dirt in the socket can cause a significant reduction in signal strength
  • Try another antenna

GPS Antenna Placement

For optimum GPS signal reception, make sure that the antenna is fitted to the highest point of the vehicle away from any obstructions that may block satellite reception. The GPS antenna works best with a metal ground plane underneath, silver foil, or a metal plate beneath the antenna can improve reception significantly if you don’t have a large metal roof.

We do a larger antenna with a very good internal ground plane which can operate perfectly without the need for mounting on a metal surface (part number RLVBACS065) which also gives superior position accuracy.

No Communication with PC

  • Check power
  • In the case of the Video VBOX Lite, only use the USB cable (CAB066-2) supplied with the unit, as other cables such as those supplied with card readers may not have a long enough plug to fit into the recessed socket on the front of the box
  • Try disconnecting then reconnecting the USB cable with the Video VBOX powered
  • Check that no other programs are using the same COM port
  • Shut down any Mobile Phone software running on your PC
  • Disconnect the power to the Video VBOX then reconnect it

COM Port Unavailable

  • Disconnect the Video VBOX, restart the computer then reconnect the Video VBOX
  • Another software package installed on your computer may have reserved the COM port

Video Data is Corrupt

  • The storage media may have been removed from the unit before the file is closed. It is possible to recover corrupted video files using either DivFix ( or VirtualDubMod (
  • If unsure how to recover corrupted video files contact the Racelogic support team.
  • You can fix most problems with lost files by right clicking on the card in Windows explorer and selecting ‘Propeties’ – ‘Tools’ – ‘Error checking’ tick both boxes, and click ‘Check now’

Always wait for the logging light to stop flashing before removing the SD card or USB device. You can force the box to close the file using the REC button.

Cannot Open Video File

Video VBOX Beeps continuously

  • The SD card may be full
  • The scene may be corrupt, try re-uploading the scene
  • Try to re-flash the firmware

Only Audio is present during playback

No speed shown on video

  • Check GPS reception

Video Overlay is missing some or all Elements

  • Scene should not be larger than 12 Mb due to space limitation in the unit
  • Ensure unit is running the latest firmware
  • Ensure PC Setup software up to date

Scene does not upload to the Video VBOX

  • Try a re-installation of the firmware on the Video VBox and try to upload the scene again

Video VBOX not responding - GPS Coldstart

  • The GPS engine has locked up.
    Perform a GPS Engine Coldstart – hold REC button for 5 seconds

Video VBOX won't record when REC button is pushed

If the Video VBOX just gives a double beep when trying to manually record files, please check the following items.

  • The unit has a good 12V source (10V is not enough to power recording, although the unit will turn on).
  • The USB PC cable is not plugged in.
  • There is logging media present.
  • The logging media is correctly formatted in FAT32  - try reformatting the card if the unit is not detecting it correctly.
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