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Our all-in-one video/data logging system for motorsport. The VBOX HD Lite features 1080p/30fps video and fully synchronised GNSS data.

This aerodynamic device uses cables with Hirose connectors, and by using the vehicle to power the device, you can now get a complete system in one box.

It is also compatible with our predictive lap timing displays, which display a 10 Hz live delta time to provide the driver with data that can help improve the lap time, even while they are driving on the track.

  • Compact and weatherproof design
  • 1920 x 1080p at 30fps 
  • 10 Hz GNSS data recording
  • Internal and external GNSS antenna
  • Permanent vehicle power feed. No batteries.
  • Fully synchronised video and GNSS data
  • microSD card
  • Reliable 'Record only when moving' logging strategy - no need to press a button to record
  • Wi-Fi preview
  • Mounting options via 1/4" UNC
  • Wide dynamic range - balanced lighting through a windscreen
  • CAN logging - up to 8 messages
  • Compatible with OLED predictive lap timing display for live delta time
  • Compatible with Circuit Tools application for post analysis to quickly identify where and how lap times can be improved
  • Synchronised video and GNSS data
  • Lifetime technical support
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