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07 Video and data logging – VBOX HD Lite


The VBOX HD Lite logs data via an SD card inserted at the Side of the Unit. Depending on the Logging Strategy, the unit will either log continuously or when movement is detected (default). 

Video recordings can be up to 20 minutes long. If the unit is logging for more than 20 minutes, it will create multiple consecutive video files. 


To avoid losing data or damaging the SD card, do not remove the SD card when VBOX HD Lite is logging. 

Note: If for some reason the microSD card has been removed during the logging, you may need to repair it on a PC before you can use it again.

Logged Channels

VBOX HD Lite logs channels to an inserted microSD card within a .vbo file. 

Channel information:

  • Satellites: This is the number of satellites in use.
  • Time: This is UTC time since midnight in the form HHMMSS.SS.
  • Latitude: Latitude in minutes MMMM.MMMMMMMM +ve = North e.g. 3169.30644410M = 52D, 49M, 18.4S.
  • Longitude: Longitude in minutes MMMMM.MMMMMMMM +ve = West e.g. 00040.18164742M = 00D, 40M, 10.9S.
  • Velocity: Velocity in km/h.
  • Heading: Heading in degrees with respect to North.
  • Height: Height above sea level in meters based on the model of the earth used by VBOX GNSS engines.
  • Vertical velocity: Vertical velocity in km/h. +ve velocity uphill, -ve velocity downhill.
  • Long accel: Longitudinal acceleration in g, +ve for forward acceleration.
  • Lat accel: Lateral acceleration in g, +ve for acceleration to the left.
  • Solution type: Indicator for what the unit is currently using to derive position: 0 = No sats; 1 = Standalone using GNSS only; 2 = SBAS.

You can find more information on the VBO file format here.

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