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05 Installing VBOX HD Lite in the vehicle


VBOX HD Lite is supplied with a Swivel Neck Suction Mount (RLACS287) for mounting on to a vehicle windscreen. It is attached to the ¼” UNC screw thread fastener on the underside of the unit. 

If you want to use other methods to mount the HD Lite unit, please see the list of compatible products and accessories on the Getting Started page.

Connect the antenna to the VBOX HD Lite and insert the SD card. 

Connect the Wi-Fi dongle to use the VBOX HD Lite Preview App to adjust the camera settings.


VBOX HD Lite is powered by the supplied cigar Lighter power supply cable (RLCAB165). Plug it in the vehicle's 12 V cigar power socket and connect it to either of the Hirose connectors at the rear of the unit. The device will boot up automatically as soon as the power supply is connected. 

On boot-up, you will hear three beeps in quick succession followed by a single beep. The LED will briefly flash red, then show solid white throughout the boot-up procedure. When the LED is solid green, the device is booted up and ready to record.

For any other LED behaviour, see the Status LED behaviour table.


You can find more detailed connector information on the PIN-OUTS page.


  • 2 x 6-pin Hirose connectors for power and CAN / Serial. 
  • GNSS Antenna.


  • Micro USB B Connector (currently not used)
  • Micro HDMI for video preview via the VBOX HD Lite Preview app using the supplied Wi-Fi dongle. 
  • MicroSD card slot.



Resolution: 1920 x 1080p at 30 frames/second
Adjustable FOV: 170°, 140°

Micro SD Card
Fast 32 GB card supplied with device
(Fast SD card required – up to 64 GB supported)

For communication with OLED predictive lap timing Display

Micro HDMI - Wi-Fi
For camera setup/preview via the HD Lite preview app

Users can log up to 8 CAN messages

Micro USB-B
Currently not used

Obtaining the Best GPS Quality 

Correct placement of the GNSS antenna is crucial to the quality of the data recorded by your VBOX HD Lite. 

To get the best possible results, you should place the GNSS antenna in the centre of a metal roof. Do not mount the antenna close to the edges of the roof as reflected signals may interfere with your satellite signal. 

You can find more information about how to place your GNSS antenna here.

Hardware Connections


HD Lite_connections_750px.png

Connecting VBOX HD Lite to vehicle CAN without an OLED Display

HD Lite_Vehicle CAN_750px.png

Connecting VBOX HD Lite to an OLED Display

Note: You cannot load or export reference laps via the OLED Display when it is connected to an HD Lite.

HD Lite_DSP05-H_750px.png
HD Lite_DSP06-H_750px.png
Connecting VBOX HD Lite to vehicle CAN with an OLED Display

Note: You cannot load or export reference laps via the OLED Display when it is connected to an HD Lite.

HD Lite_DSP05-H_Vehicle CAN_750px.png
HD Lite_DSP06-H+VehicleCAN_750px.png
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