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04 Setup - VBOX HD Lite

The VBOX HD Lite setup software will help you configure your VBOX HD Lite for your vehicle and event. 

When you open the software, it will open the Home tab by default. You will see a toolbar with three menus; General, CAN, and Lap Timing, as well as load and save buttons, a button to clear all configurations and a Help button. The General menu will also be opened by default.   


VBOX HD Lite_General.png


The file menu has the following options:

  • Load
  • Save As
  • Save to SD

These options have the same functionality as the equivalent buttons on the toolbar. See below for the full description of each. 

  • Check for updates

Click Check for updates to run a check to see if there are any available updates.

Click Automatic updates to the feature off or on. This is enabled by default.

When this is enabled, the software updates automatically when Racelogic releases new versions. 

The update will include an update of the main application, the vehicle CAN database and the circuit database.

VBOX HD Lite_FileMenu.png

VBOX HD Lite_CheckForUpdates.png


Clicking on the Load button will open a File Explorer pop-up. Navigate to the location of the config file (RLC file) you wish to load and select to open it. The settings in the RLC file will be populated in the VBOX HD Lite setup software.  

You can also double-click on an .rlc file or right-click on it and select Open with... and VboxVideoHdLite.

Save As

Clicking on the Save As button will launch a File Explorer pop-up. Navigate to the location on your device in which you want to save a config file (RLC) of the current configuration. Give your config file a name and click Save

Note: The name of the config file cannot have more than 20 characters. If the file has more than 20 characters, the HD Lite unit will not be able to load the file. 

Save to SD

Clicking the Save to SD button will open an pop-up window in the software in which you can navigate to the applicable SD card that you want to save the file to and name your config file.

Note: The name of the config file cannot have more than 20 characters.

VBOX HD Lite_SaveToSDCard.png


Clicking the Clear button will reset all options and settings to their default values

Click Yes to confirm the reset or click No to close the pop-up without resetting.


VBOX HD Lite_Home_Clear_popup.png


Clicking the Help option will launch a browser window with the user guide for VBOX HD Lite.


Clicking the About option will launch a pop-up window with information about the current versions of the HD Lite setup software, the Vehicle CAN Database and the Circuit Database.  

VBOX HD Lite_Help_Dropdown_cropped.png
Save the Configuration to HD Lite Unit

When you have finished the configuration of your HD Lite, you must save the config file (.rlc) to the root folder of your microSD card and then insert the microSD card into the HD Lite. When the HD Lite boots up, it will check the microSD card for an .rlc file. If it detects and .rlc file, it will compare the settings in it to the settings currently used and update any settings that are different. 

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