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General Menu - VBOX HD Lite

The General menu is where you set the base settings for the VBOX HD Lite, such as the Orientation, Time Zone and the Log Mode you wish to use. 

VBOX HD Lite_General.png


You have three video orientation settings to choose between:

Enable auto-detect of the camera orientation during the boot-up of VBOX HD Lite (default).

Set the VBOX HD Lite to record video the correct way up. 

Set the VBOX HD Lite to record video upside-down.

By default HD Lite will attempt to automatically detect its orientation and then apply the applicable video orientation setting. If you know that you will be mounting HD Lite the correct way, select the 0° setting. If you know that you will be mounting the HD Lite upside-down, select the 180° setting.

VBOX HD Lite_General_Orientation_Cropped.png
Time Zone

Open the dropdown menu to select the relevant time zone for the location you are in.  

VBOX HD Lite_General_TimeZone_cropped.png
Log Mode

You have 3 available logging modes to choose between:

Only When Moving (default)
This setting makes the VBOX HD Lite start logging data only when it detects a speed of more than the set start speed. It will stop logging data when it detects a speed lower than the set start speed after the set time. This requires a satellite lock. 

You can use the Record button to stop and start the logging. 

Data is continuously logged to the SD card regardless of vehicle velocity or the number of satellites. The HD Lite will start logging as soon as it is fully booted up, as long as it has a microSD card inserted. Press the Record button to stop and start the logging. 

You must press the Record button to start and stop the logging. 

Disable manual override: 

Tick this box to disable the Record button from stopping the logging when you are using Only When Moving and Continous. This is disabled by default. 


Note: When the HD Lite is power-cycled, this setting will return to the setting defined in the RLC file on the microSD card. 

VBOX HD Lite_General_LogMode_dropdown_cropped.png



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