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The Video Can't be Played / The Graph Cursor Can't be Moved

  1. If changing the X axis mode to ‘Time’ allows the video to play correctly, but when setting it to ‘Distance’ it does not, this indicates there may be no valid GPS data in the file, or the vehicle was only stationary while logging.
  2. If the driver left the track while the unit was recording (e.g. drove through the pit lanes, spun off the circuit), make sure that a lap containing this extra data is not selected as the datum, or, switch the X axis mode to Distance or Time.
  3. If the video will play when ‘Show whole file’ is selected, but doesn't in ‘Show laps’ mode, open the Start/Finish Wizard and make sure a correct start/finish line is selected.
    Also, try selecting a different datum lap in case of any data error in the currently selected one.
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