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09 - Circuit Tools Start/Finish Wizard

The Start / Finish Wizard is accessible using one of the highlighted buttons below or by using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+G).

CTW Start Finish Wizard Button.png

It allows you to define any desired points on your driven circuit. If the circuit the logged data is from is included in the Racelogic track map database, then the circuit outline should appear with the start line defined when the file is loaded.

Specific split points may need to be defined - if they have already been loaded into the scene setup and loaded into a Video VBOX unit, then they will be embedded in the data file and will appear automatically when loaded.

CTW Start Finish Wizard.png

When a circuit from the database is detected, the name of the circuit and the number of laps will appear within the wizard. If the circuit is unknown, lap and sector numbers will appear when they have been set. 

CTW Start Finish Wizard Track.png

When the points have been set, clicking Yes under the Continue to data analysis? section will cause the new points to be used in the session window. Selecting the Save track in file option will save the circuit layout and split points into the .vbo data file so they will automatically load whenever the specific data file is re-loaded.

Note: .dbn files from DriftBox or PerformanceBox units do not allow this option.

Selecting Back will cancel any changes.

CTW Start Finish Wizard Continue.png


Splits are automatically defined by using the points on the track which correspond to maximum speed.

This is the function Sector by max. speed within the Wizard. It creates a new sector at the start of a braking point at the end of a straight.

CTW Defining Splits.png

This setting not only gives a useable number of splits, but it also ensures that the Ideal lap is realistic, because it takes into account the slowing down and acceleration out of each major corner. 

Using the Sector Generation menu, the automatic split generation can be edited or turned off.

If you want to increase the number of splits, you can use the Sector by accel / decel option or manually define them by using the right mouse button as described below

You can also set the splits to be equally spaced around the track using the Equal Sectors option. Click on Sector count for Equal Sectors to edit the number of splits which will appear when Equal Sectors is selected.

CTW Start Finish Wizard Sector.png  CTW Start Finish Wizard Sector Count.png

Saving / Loading Start and Split Files

Start and split files can be loaded or saved from within the Start/Finish Wizard. 

Selecting the Splits menu option allows you to:

  • Save out defined points (both .spl files for VBOX and .dsf files for DriftBox can be saved)
  • Load previously used points
  • Clear all the points shown on the map image
  • Clear only the split points shown on the map image

CTW Start Finish Wizard Splits.png

Manually Setting Points

Within the Start/Finish Wizard, points can be defined using mouse buttons as described below.

Start/ Finish point

Set a start/finish point by clicking the left hand mouse button. This will appear as a green dot as pictured below.

CTW Start Finish Wizard Manual1


Split point

Set a split point by clicking the right hand mouse button. This will appear as a blue dot as pictured below.

Clear a split point by clicking the right hand mouse button while holding down Shift+Control keys.

CTW Start Finish Wizard Manual2

Separate Finish point

Set a finish point by clicking the left hand mouse button whilst holding down the Shift key. This will appear as a red dot as pictured below.

CTW Start Finish Wizard Manual3


Gate Width

It is possible to change the width of the start/finish line gate used within the software by selecting the Gate width option. The default setting for this is 20 m.

CTW Gate Width.png

This is particularly useful if the software is not detecting the correct number of laps. When racing at a very narrow circuit where the pit lane is right next to the start line, it could be possible to trigger lap timing within the pit lane, giving an incorrect number of laps.

Note: The gate width value is the width either side of the central gate point, meaning that for the default value of 20 m, the total gate width is 40 m.