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08 - Circuit Tools - iOS Settings

To access the app settings, tap the Cog Button CTiOS Settings.png on the top left of the screen.

CTiOS Settings1.png

All settings options can be found by swiping left/right on the menu. Press the x button on the top right of the screen to exit the menu.

CTiOS Settings2.png

X Axis

Display either Time or Position (default) on the A axis of the data graph. More information on the two options can be found within the Circuit Tools for Windows user guide.

Display Mode

Display either individual Laps (default) or the Whole session.

Lap Options

You can either chose to Ignore Short Laps or Include Unfinished Laps such as in or out laps.


Chose the units of measurement used within the app for Speed (km/h or mph), Distance (m, ft or mi) and Height (m or ft).

Clear Memory

Erase All Data within the iOS application

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