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12 - PT / DT Other Features

Some useful features that apply to the whole of the PerformanceTools software have been included above the main toolbar. These are described in the following section.

Export Results

All Performance or Lap Time results can be exported by clicking on the Export Results button on the Toolbar. Results can be exported in a variety of formats such as Excel or Word document files.

pt52 (1).png


You can view basic but important information about the main ‘.dbn’ file loaded into the PerformanceTools software by selecting Summary from the menu. The information displayed includes information such as the time at which the file was logged and its duration, as well as any errors, such as loss of satellites during the file.

This summary may be printed or e-mailed using the icons at the top of the window.

Units of Measurement

The ‘Units of Measurement’ menu allows you to set the velocity units to km/h or mph and the distance units to metres or feet. Once the units of measurement have been changed the file must be reloaded for the changes to take effect.

pt53 (1).png


This menu allows you to view basic information about the software. It also provides a quick link to the user manual.

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