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VBOX Sim Update - V1.1.25

This version of the VBOX Sim Pack Software includes some significant updates and bug fixes.

Note: If you are using the software in conjunction with a VBOX LapTimer in VBOX Sim Pack, you can update the VBOX Sim software via Steam or download it from the VBOX Motorsport website.

Many of the changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

We strongly recommend that you update to the latest software release to take advantage of new features and benefit from improved stability.


The PC specification is VERY important when you are using the VBOX Sim Pack software as it will load up the CPU while running the game, therefore, we advise that you use the game’s recommended specifications as a minimum.

We recommend a high-spec CPU, 16 GB of RAM and a decent graphics card.

Key New Features

  • Added support for F1 2022.
  • Manual game selection: "Game Select" dropdown has been added In the help tab that forces VBOX Sim Pack to only look for that game.
  • Custom telemetry port for Codemasters games: If you select a game from the F1 series in the manual game selection, you will have the option to change the UDP port used to communicate to provide compatibility with other applications interacting with them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues relating to data received from Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  • Fixed issues where the detected game would repeatedly switch, causing the logging to stop.
  • Fixed issues around the handling of the iRacing data stream, which could cause errors in the logged data.
  • Fixed issues that prevented a successful ibt vbo merge, which resulted in lower accuracy vbo data.
  • Fixed issues around communication with the VBOX LapTimer which could result in it not detecting a change in games, not receiving updates, or the VBOX Sim logging stopping.
  • Various stability improvements.
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