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03 - Video Split Laps Window

The Laps pane shows a list of laps for the loaded session, along with the associated UTC time, lap time and Vmax for each session. These are defined using the Start / Finish line which was contained in the file.

Video Split Laps1.png

The fastest lap within the session is highlighted blue and the laps are listed in lap-number order by default. Selecting a lap will change the video shown within the Video area.

You can change the display order by clicking on the column headers. For example, by clicking on the Lap Time column, they are arranged in time order. Clicking in the column again will reverse the order.

Video Split Laps2.png
Laps order by Lap Time

Video Split Laps3.png
Laps ordered by Vmax

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Up ↑, Down ↓, Left ← and Right → keyboard arrows can be used to control the cell navigation within the Laps windows. 

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