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03 - VIPS Site Configuration Beacons

Each VIPS installation will contain a number of beacons. In the Beacons menu VIPS Site Config Beacon Icon.png  it is possible to set the Beacon IDs that will be used, as well as the x,y,z distances to the origin.

VIPS Site Config Beacons.png


The Load Button allows you to load the settings from previously surveyed installation.


The Add Button allows you to add a new beacon into the system. Adding a new beacon will automatically increment the ‘Friendly ID’ by 1.



The Delete Button allows you to remove the selected beacon from the installation.

Note: There will be no negative effects of having beacons in the configuration that will not actually be present in the physical installation.

Clear all

The Clear all button will remove all beacons in the list.

Friendly ID

The Friendly ID is a user friendly ID that should match the sticker on the Beacon. The Friendly ID cannot be changed and will be a consecutive count up from 1.

Beacon ID

The Beacon ID is a unique identifier that is hard coded into the beacon, similar to a serial number. This ID number can be changed to match the Friendly ID as needed, allowing for replacement beacons to be easily swapped in and out.


This is the area where you enter the locations of the beacons. It is very important that the locations are measured accurately to ensure that the system works correctly.

The Offset is the distance between the beacon and the nominated Origin location, with East, North and Up being positive values, West, South and Down being negative values (assuming a rotation angle of 0). 


The Delay option allows for further calibration to the beacons if needed.

Use For Ranging

Use the check boxes to choose whether or not particular beacons will be used for ranging. Pressing the spacebar when a beacon is selected will also toggle the ranging use.


The Status display gives a live display of whether the beacon is currently operating or not.

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