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09 - LabSat Recording Event Inputs

The AD2 connection on the front panel of the LabSat carries a digital input which can be used to mark an event such as a brake trigger event. Contact Racelogic for details of hand-held or pedal mounted switches that can be used with LabSat to record events.

When a change occurs on the digital input during a record session, a marker is placed in the recorded GPS data. Two marker types are used, one to signal a negative transition on the digital input and the other to signal a positive transition.

During replay of GPS data, the ‘digital 1’ output found on connector DOUT pin2 will re-create the events that happened on the digital input pin as the GPS data was recorded.

The digital input and digital output signals are also connected to the SER connector on the LabSat to allow connection of the optional interface modules. See section Interface Modules for more details.

Note: The digital input on connector AD2 is also connected to the SER connector for use with the signal Interface Modules.

Therefore, it is not possible to use the AD2 connector digital input when using one of the Interface Modules.

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