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03 - LabSat 2 Hardware overview


Connector Description Comment
DATA High speed USB 2.0 link Transfers data to and from PC
GPS MONITOR GPS Monitor - NMEA Outputs NMEA from internal GPS engine during Replay and Record
PWR 12 Volt DC Power Supply Input to LabSat 2
AUX 5 Pin LEMO Digital In / Out – For connection of Interface Modules such as RLLSIM01
RF OUT GNSS Simulation RF Output GNSS signal output during replay mode
RF IN GNSS Active Antenna Input Used when recording GNSS signals
CLOCK IN 10 MHz Reference External reference clock input
DIGITAL I/O 26 Way D-Type Connector 1 – PPS Output ( refer to Connector Pin Data section for further pin out details)


LEDs Description Comment
PWR Power status Green LED indicates power good
PLAY Replay Indication Indicates that LabSat 2 is in Replay Mode
REC Record Indication Indicates that LabSat 2 is in Record Mode
BUFFER Memory Buffer status Indicates buffer status. If status reaches F (Full Buffer) during record or replay, this indicates that the PC cannot maintain the required transfer rate.  Recorded data may be corrupt if full buffer occurs during record
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