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ADAS Radio Link - 2 Target Vehicles

To configure the telemetry radios within a Subject Vehicle and 2 or 3 Target Vehicles for ACC, AEB, BSD or FCW tests, please follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: For 2 Target mode, you must use radio modems programmed with specific configuration scripts. It is not possible to use 1 or 3 Target ADAS link radios, more information can be found here.

The Radios at each Target Vehicle VBOX need to be set to CLIENT mode and paired to the singular ADAS radio at the subject vehicle.

The radio at the Subject Vehicle VBOX needs to be set to SERVER and BROADCAST mode.

  1. Ensure the 2.4 GHz telemetry modems are connected as shown in Subject Vehicle and Target Vehicle Configurations.
  2. As 2.4 GHz transmissions are very direct, with a narrow beam width, care needs taking when mounting the antenna; ensure they are:
  • On the highest part of the vehicle roof
  • Away from any nearby obstructions that could cause a potential blockage to the path of the signal
  • Mounted vertically to ensure maximum transmission power in the horizontal plane
  • Mounted at least 50 cm away from other radio antennas

When the 2.4 GHz modems are connected correctly the 'SER' light on the Subject VBOX will illuminate, indicating the reception of a serial data stream.

ADAS Radio Link 1.jpg ADAS Radio Link 2.jpg
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