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ADAS Testing with Robot Integration

Robot Compatibility

Our ADAS equipment is compatible with popular steering robots from leading manufacturers, Anthony Best Dynamics and VEHICO, for repeatable ADAS testing anywhere.

Meeting the Euro NCAP standards requires the use of steering and pedal robots to maintain accurate conditions for speed, drive line, distance and braking, as laid out in the test requirements.

The VBOX 3i RTK can be used with driving robots from NCAP-approved

     manufacturers to achieve the necessary level of consistency required when conducting such tests.

    Compatible Robot manufacturers

    4a-logo-e6a9d143.png abdynamics-logo-bc94edb4.png
    humanatics-logo-d1378763.png staehle-logo-21a2f805.png

    If you are doing ADAS testing with robot integration we recommend you use the VBOX Motion Pack

    In autonomous or driverless vehicle testing, a motion pack is a system that provides the speed and positional data required to control the driving robots and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) soft targets. This is typically a GNSS-corrected inertial measurement system which can accurately measure the position, heading and attitudes of a moving vehicle and/or target object. The data is then fed back into the driving robot in a real-time closed loop to keep the vehicle on a desired path and/or to synchronise the movement of the vehicle and a soft target.  

    Robot controlled path following is increasingly used in vehicle dynamics testing, ADAS development testing, Euro NCAP testing, Homologation testing, Brake development, and Autonomous vehicle testing. The VBOX 3i 100 Hz GNSS data logger in combination with an IMU04, as well as the VBOX 3iS inertial navigation system, have the accuracy and latency for use as a motion pack. 

    Using the latest GPS/GLONASS receiver that updates 100 times per second, VBOX 3i and VBOX 3iS are ideal for high dynamic applications. Both products deliver centimetre-level position accuracy when using RTK and highly accurate and consistent velocity, heading and acceleration data due to the high-grade inertial measurement unit.

    The unique versatility of the VBOX motion pack allows you to carry out testing outdoors, indoors or a mix of both. In combination with our indoor positioning solution, VIPS, VBOX motion pack will seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor testing with no drop in data.

    The same motion pack set up that guides the driving robot can also be used independently as a standalone ADAS test set-up without robot integration to carry out development / research and homologation tests such as ADAS testing, brake testing and heavy vehicle (e.g. R130 and R131) testing.

    Additionally, VBOX motion packs are designed to work alongside our high-end video products to accurately synchronise the data with up to 4 external video sources to 1/100th of a second. 

    • Compatible with leading driving robot manufacturers 
    • Centimetre-level position accuracy
    • CAN output 
    • Ethernet output (VB3iSDR only)
    • Compatible with indoor testing (VBOX 3i only) 
    • Compatible with RACELOGIC video analysis (VBOX 3i only)
    • The most cost-effective robot-integrated INS solution
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