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VBOX Indoor Positioning System

ADAS Testing Indoors

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) is a reliable alternative to GNSS, that enables you to conduct ADAS testing indoors. The system offers the same high accuracy that you could previously only get outdoors, and is ideal for high-dynamic applications, thanks to its 100 Hz update rate.

VIPS integrates seamlessly with the VBOX 3i Data logger, meaning you can go between outdoor and indoor test locations with no loss of accuracy.

Accuracy VIPS delivers cm-level accuracy which is equivalent to GNSS with RTK corrections.

Dynamic measurement

Option to measure velocity and attitude (pitch, roll and yaw), in addition to positioning. With an update rate of 100 Hz, the high accuracy can be maintained at speeds of up to 270 km/h.
Indoor/Outdoor Transition Transfer seamlessly from outdoor GNSS to indoor VIPS and vice-versa. VIPS can also achieve reacquisition and full accuracy in less than 0.2 seconds.
Robot Compatibility Its accurate measurement of body heading, speed & position makes VIPS applicable as a motion pack for driving robots, controlling steering, braking, throttle and robotic platforms. VIPS is compatible with robots from leading manufacturers such as AB Dynamics, VEHICO & Humanetics.
Data Recordig Connecting to a data logger, for example the VBOX 3i, enables recording of VIPS data via Serial or CAN.
Portable The VIPS beacons are small and lightweight which makes the whole system easy to transfer between locations and quick to change set up configurations within a test or usage environment.
Easy Installation A simple 6 beacon system using tripods can be setup by two people in less than 90 minutes.
Low power VIPS beacons can be powered by 12 V batteries for temporary installations. Alternatively, the beacons can be hard-wired into any power network for longer-term installations.
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