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How to Change an MFD Touch Parameter

You can configure each parameter by either pressing and holding or double-tapping the existing parameter area. This will open up the Settings menu for the specific parameter.

MFD Touch Parameter Change.png
Numerical Screen Example
MFD Touch Numerical Settings 1.png
Numerical Settings Example

Press the Parameter Select button to open up the parameter menu. If you are configuring a numerical element, a Data Source menu will be presented. This allows you to choose from Standard and Decel Test parameters. You can assign any data parameter that is available from the connected VBOX along with any MFD Touch calculated test results to the selected numerical element.

MFD Touch Template - Seect data source (numerical)- highlighted option_750px.png
Data Source Menu
MFD Touch Numerical Settings Paramter Select2.png
Standard Parameter Menu

Use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the selection screen to navigate through the options and press the desired parameter to confirm your selection.

Return to the settings screen by pressing the Exit button Exit Screen.png in the bottom left corner.

You can find a list of available parameters here.

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