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MFD Touch Firmware Features - v1.2

The latest version of the MFD Touch firmware includes some changes and brings additional functionality to the unit.

  • Download the latest MFD Touch firmware.
  • Instructions on how to upgrade the firmware can be found here.

Many of the changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback requesting new features. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

Racelogic strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability.

New Features

Add/Remove Screens

Users can add and remove data screens to display their data. Up to 10 data screens can be added at any time. 

MFD Touch_Add Remove Screen (Both Buttons Active).png
Add/Remove Screen
MFD Touch_Add 3 Numerical (680x440).png
Add 3 Numerical Screen

More information on this is available here.

New Display Screens

Alongside the existing numerical element display screens, users can now select to display data using an Analogue Gauge, a G-Ball, a Target Graph or a horizontal Bar Graph.

MFD Touch_1 Numerical (680x440).png

1  Numerical

MFD Touch_3 Numerical (680x440).png

3 Numerical

MFD Touch_4 Numerical (680x440).png

4 Numerical

MFD Touch_6 Numerical (680x440).png

6 Numerical 

MFD Touch_Analogue Screen with Data Screen Index (680x440).png

Analogue Gauge

MFD Touch_G-Ball (780x505).png

G-Ball Screen

MFD Touch_Target Graph (680x440).png

Target Graph

MFD Touch_Bar Graph (780x505).png

Bar Graph



It is now possible to use the Screenshot Button Screenshot.png to save a full image of what is shown on a display screen to the inserted SD card. More information on this is available here.


  • Parameter properties now reset after parameter channel/source is changed.


  • Improved dynamic resizing of text labels.
  • Re-applying current test configuration values no longer resets results.
  • Negative sign no longer counts towards character input limit.
  • Various other UI improvements.
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