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01 - MFD Introduction



  • Display multiple data parameters at one time
  • Backlit large character display
  • User selectable display parameters
  • ¼ - 20 Thread mounting



inputs (1).png

Connection to VBOX

The Multi-Function Display has 2 LEMO connectors at each end. The top left and top right connectors share the same function and are used for connection to the VBOX CAN bus and to supply power to the display. The bottom left and bottom right connectors are serial connections. The function of these connectors is to allow firmware upgrade via a PC and to provide connection to a thermal printer for instant paper record of test results. Also in the serial connectors is a digital output, which will either send a pulse or toggle its state when a split line is crossed.

vbox_connection (1).png

Basic Operation

Three buttons are used to configure the display.


The left and right arrow keys are used for selecting a menu item or cycling through the display screens. When power is applied, the display will revert to the data display mode.

operation3 (1).png

How to select a Parameter

1. Main screen displayed – press OK.


2. Press right arrow so the display shows ‘SET PARAMETERS’. Press OK.

3. Press right arrow until the parameter to be altered is displayed. Press OK. select3.png
4. Using right arrow, select either general, brake, accel or CAN parameters. Press OK to select. select4.png
5. The code to be changed should now be flashing. Use the arrow key to select the new parameter. Press OK to set. The MF display will beep to indicate setting change has been successful. select5.png
6. Press the left arrow button until the display shows BACK. Press OK. Repeat this step once more to return to the main screen. select6.png


The MF display is supplied with a windscreen suction mount. This can be connected using the ¼ 20 fitting on the rear side of the display. Make sure the hole on the rear of the display that is used for the buzzer is not obstructed. 

Note: Exposing the windscreen mount to large changes in temperature over a prolonged period of time may cause loss of suction. We would recommend that the suction mount is removed when the days testing is complete.

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