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06 - MFD Display Parameter Tables


General Parameters

Code Name Units
SA Satellite Count Sats 
VL Velocity km/h or mph
DT Heading °
AL Altitude. Ref WGS84 m or ft
VV Vertical velocity km/h or mph
AG Lateral Acceleration g
GA Max. Lateral Acceleration g
OG Longitudinal Acceleration g
AV Average Velocity km/h or mph
D0 Distance Travelled m or ft
V0 Vertical Velocity 2 m/s or ft/s
VD Current Filename VBOXIII & VB3i
VS File Status VBOXIII & VB3i
SS IMU-INS Status See Kalman Filter Status table
TA Memory Used VBOXIII & VB3i
VG Velocity Quality VBOXIII & VB3i

***Display parameters calculated using UTC time, for example; Peak Deceleration must be performed either side of 11.59pm. Tests, which start before 11.59 and end after 12.00 may contain invalid data.

Brake Parameters

Code Name Units
TV * Speed at trigger km/h or mph
TD * Distance from trigger m or ft
TT * Time from trigger s
DG * Peak deceleration g
AD * Average deceleration (click for description) m/s²
DO * Average deceleration 2 (click for description) g
OD * Corrected distance m or ft
ST ** Deceleration time s
DS Deceleration distance m or ft

* A brake trigger must be present in order to use these parameters. 

**To set up the start and end speed for the acceleration / deceleration tests enter the CONFIG DISPLAY MENU from screens 1, 2 or 3, scroll across until the screen displays ACCEL/DECEL SETUP press OK to enter the test set-up menu.


Accel Parameters  

Code Name Units
VT Maximum speed km/h or mph
AT ** Acceleration time s
DA Acceleration distance m or ft
OV Velocity at target distance km/h or mph
OT Time to target distance s

**To set up the start and end speed for the acceleration / deceleration tests enter the CONFIG DISPLAY MENU from screens 1, 2 or 3, scroll across until the screen displays ACCEL/DECEL SETUP press OK to enter the test set-up menu.

CAN Parameters

The first 32 CAN channels currently being logged by the VBOX are selectable here. These can include internal module channels such as internal A/D parameters, ADAS parameters, IMU KF parameters and dual antenna parameters.

If no channels are currently being logged then you will be unable to enter this submenu.

Note: To allow the MFD to read the available CAN channels it must be connected up to a VBOX and VBOX Setup entered. Failure to do so will result in this list being blank or incomplete.

Kalman Filter Status

The table below shows the hex and decimal numbers associated with Kalman filter status. The VBOX can have a number of these status flags active at the same time so the resultant number shown in VBOX Tools or a logged file will be a result of adding together the numbers of the active statuses shown below.

Kalman Filter Status Hex Decimal
kf_Clear 0x0000 0
kf_NEWIMUVersion 0x0001 1
kf_TestMode 0x0002 2
kf_Use 0x0004 4
kf_Initialised 0x0008 8
kf_IMUDataFound 0x0010 16
kf_GoodLock 0x0020 32
kf_Reset 0x0040 64
kf_CoastingTimeout 0x0080 128
kf_IMUFound 0x0100 256
kf_Initialise 0x0200 512

Lap Timing Parameters

Code Name Units
TL Best lap time s
LL Last lap time s
LS Last Split Time s
SV Vel @ Last Split km/h or mph
LD Lap Count NA
AL Average Lap Time s
VL Velocity km/h or mph
LT Lap Time s
V0 Velocity at start / finish line km/h or mph
S1 Split 1 time s
V1 Velocity at split 1 km/h or mph
S2 Split 2 time s
V2 Velocity at split 2 km/h or mph
S3 Split 3 time s
V3 Velocity at split 3 Km/h or Mph
S4 Split 4 time s
V4 Velocity at split 4 km/h or mph
S5 Split 5 time s
V5 Velocity at split 5 km/h or mph
S6 Split 6 time s
V6 Velocity at split 6 km/h or mph

Pass-By-Noise Parameters

Code Name Units
TV *Velocity at microphone km/h or mph
SV *Velocity at start line km/h or mph
LV *Velocity at finish line km/h or mph
AA *Acceleration between mid-point and finish line m/s²
AD *Acceleration across Drive-By-Noise test area m/s²

 *A laser light barrier kit must be present in order to use these parameters.

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