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07 - MFD Thermal Printer


The printer contains an integral re-chargeable battery pack. Connect the printer to the serial port of the MFD and ensure that the battery pack is fully charged. Although the battery pack in the printer is trickle-charged while connected to the MFD it is recommended that the battery is fully charged before use using the mains charger supplied. When the MFD is powered up the printer should also automatically power up.

If the printer does not power up press the green button above the LED. The printer will print acceleration time results, deceleration time results, time to set distance from stand still, velocity at set distance from stand still, brake test results, time at split/start/finish line, velocity at split/start/finish line and old lap times.

To print old lap times (laps 1 – 20) go into the lap timing menu and find the option ‘PRINT LAP TIMES’ press OK to print.
On completion of an acceleration / deceleration test the time taken and start/end speeds will be printed automatically.
After travelling the set distance (as set in the ACCEL TEST SETUP option of the CONFIG DISPLAY menu the time taken to travel this distance and the velocity at this point will automatically be printed.

On completion of a brake test using a trigger the following results will be printed

  • Speed at Trigger
  • Distance from trigger
  • Time from trigger
  • Peak deceleration
  • Average deceleration
  • MFDD
  • Corrected distance from trigger

Every time you pass over a set point (start/finish/split line) the time and velocity will be printed automatically.

Note: When doing lap timing, set the end speed for the acceleration test and start speed of deceleration test to a value you will not attain (i.e. 900) otherwise every time you have a valid test, the results will be printed out along with the lap timing results which can be confusing.


Loading Paper

Paper rolls must be 57.5 mm (±0.5 mm) wide, 36 mm maximum diameter and have the thermally sensitive coating on the outside.

Discard a few turns in case they have been damaged or have glue on. Slide the Lid release button forwards until the Lid springs open. Simply insert the paper roll into the printer, close the Lid and the paper is loaded.

Pressing the paper feed button should advance the paper at 50 mm per second.

Check that the paper still advances properly, and tear off any excess by pulling the paper sharply towards you across the serrated edges.

LED Indicators

The LED indicator at the front of the printer has a number of colour combinations, which repeat in up to a 4-phase pattern to provide status information.

Generally, if the LED is flashing on and off it indicates that the printer is running from a battery pack; steady illumination means that the battery is charging. Green confirms that all is normal; orange advises that the paper is low or the printer is in spooling mode; red warns of a low battery. No light indicates that the unit is in sleep mode, has a flat battery or has no battery fitted.

Pattern Battery Paper Buffer
Green Charging OK Normal
Green Orange Green Orange Charging Low Normal
Orange Charging * Spooling
Green Off Green Off Running OK Normal
Green Off Orange Off Running Low Normal
Orange Off Orange Off Running * Spooling
Red Off Red Off Low OK Normal
Red Off Orange Off Low Low Spooling
No light Flat, or in sleep mode
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