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10 - VBOX Mini Predictive Mode




Predictive mode enables you to graphically view your predicted lap time. Predictive lap timing works by saving your position around a circuit, every second. If the current lap is the fastest so far, then this positional data is saved as a reference.

This screen is shown when comms mode is set to VBOX Tools. Pressing the OK button changes the comms mode to Mass Storage which enables predictive mode.


This message on screen means the Drift Box is receiving positional data from less than three satellites.


If the Performance Box loses satellite lock while predicting, this screen will appear. The user will have to wait until the start finish line is crossed before predicting again.


Before Predictive mode can operate, you will need a reference lap. If a reference lap file is found on the SD card as the Drift Box boots up, it will be automatically be loaded. A reference lap file can be loaded from the SD card at any time using the Load Reference menu option. The Drift Box will display this screen when no reference lap is available. Once a Reference lap has been set, the Drift Box will start predicting when the start line has been crossed.


If you do not have a reference lap file, you will have to wait until a full lap of the circuit has been completed. This screen will be displayed while the drift box is creating a reference lap.


Once a valid reference lap has been created or loaded, the Drift Box will begin predicting. The prediction is shown in text and graph format which is a graphical representation of the amount of time gained or lost around the lap.


When a lap has been completed this screen is displayed for five seconds before reverting back to the prediction screen.


Fixed Lap

In predictive mode your reference lap will change if it is faster then the previous. Pressing the OK button will fix your current lap, preventing it from changing. Pressing OK again on the same lap, cancels the fixing. Pressing OK on a later lap will cause that one to be fixed.

If you decide to load a lap file from the SD card, it will automatically become the fixed reference lap.


Anything that resets predictive mode will put the unit back in to normal non fixed predictive mode. This includes pressing the reset button, clearing splits or performing a power cycle.

pr10.png pr11.png pr12.png


You are able to set the scale of the bar display with each gradation representing a set number of seconds. The options available are 0-2s, 0-5s, 0-10s and 0-30s. This can be changed by selecting MENU and then BAR RANGE.

To save a reference lap, Press MENU and then select SAVE REFERENCE.

If you wish to clear your reference lap to enable you to create a new one, holding down the RESET button will allow to you to do so. Clearing the split points on Laptiming mode will also reset the reference lap. Please note, once you create a new reference lap, the previously saved one will be overwritten.

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