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02 - ADC Modes of Operation


ADC03 can be configured for three different modes of operation depending on the specific application and testing requirements. These are:

In any of these configurations, ADC03 can be used in conjunction with other Racelogic modules via a Racelogic proprietary CAN bus. This allows several different VBOX input modules to be ‘daisy chained’ together along the same CAN bus connection. An example of this can be seen below:

2 (1).png

ADC03 can also be used with an external sensor as shown below. In this example, a load cell complete with an amplifier module is being used. The amplifier is calibrated to give an output of approximately 5 volts for a full load of 50 Kg. The amplifier has three wires; ground, 12v supply and output signal, which are connected to the ADC03 as shown below. The isolated 12v supply from the ADC03 is used to power the load cell amplifier, while channel 1 +ve is used to read the output signal. The channel 1 –ve pin (pin 2) must be connected to the –ve 12v supply pin (pin 19) as a reference for the signal voltage.

3 (1).png

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