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02 - CAN Hub - Configuring for VBOX

There are many ways of connecting and using CAN Hub depending on the specific application.

Connection of CAN HUB to VBOX 3i

Using the 5 way LEMO to 5 way LEMO cables (RLVBCAB05-018) connect the CAN and SER sockets of the VBOX to the respective VB CAN and VB SER ports on the CAN Hub module.

Power the VBOX and CAN Hub via the PWR port on the CAN Hub using either the mains adaptor or a fully charged battery pack.


Example ADAS connection setup using CAN Hub


setup_-_adas1 (1).png


  • CAN profile of VB3i must be set to default (Racelogic CAN on the CAN port).
  • VBOX Manager must be running v2.55 b2844 or later if used with CAN Hub. It should be connected to the MFD port only!
  • MFD must be running v13.05 or later if used with CAN Hub. Baud rate must be set to 1 MB/s.
  • If ADC03 or TC8V1 are used, they should be isolated on their own in either CAN port.
  • VCI 1 is an input port, VCI 2 is an output port.
  • CAN1 and CAN2 ports are isolated.
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