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Using the IMU03/YAW03 with Another Data Logger


The IMU / YAW unit can be easily configured to run in ‘standalone’ CAN operating modes using the supplied RLCAB030-S cable and VBOX Setup software.

Configuring an IMU / YAW with Racelogic Module Setup Software

  1. Connect the unit to a PC using the supplied RLCAB030-S cable.
  2. Power up the unit using a suitable 12 V power source, for example RLCAB120. 
  3. Run VBOX Setup software.
  4. Select the correct COM port the unit is assigned to (check device manger if unsure) and the software will display the current settings for the attached unit. The screenshot shows the settings for an IMU04.
  5. Make the changes required and then click the “write to unit” button.

User Polled Mode


Timed Mode

Settings Timed.png

When selecting Timed Mode, the option to set the Timer value will appear. The timer value is in milliseconds (ms). A smaller value means data will be sent more frequently, a larger value means data will be sent less frequently. The range of values that can be entered is 0 – 30000, however the minimum value that should be entered is 10. Any figure below this may cause data to be repeated on successive cycles.

If a value of 0 is entered this will be changed to 1 on the next power cycle.

Frequency output can be calculated as follows:

Freq = (1/Timer) * 1000

The timer value for a required frequency can be calculated as follows:

Timer = (1/Freq) * 1000

Some example timer values are shown against the frequency output below:

Timer Value (ms) Frequency (Hz)
10 100
50 20
100 10
400 2.5
1000 1

Note:  When any change is made using VBOX Setup Software the IMU / YAW unit must be powered cycled for the changes to take effect.

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