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Using with VBOX as Racelogic CAN Module - IMU03/YAW03


Please see links below for more important information!

Mounting the IMU

Kalman filter calibration

Required equipment

VBOX unit such as VB3i, VB2SX (works with all VB3i units)
VBOX Tools or VBOX Setup
RLCAB001 / RLCAB066-2 – VBOX 3i PC connection cable (RS232 or USB)
VBOX Manager (optional)


  1. Connect IMU to VBOX (RL CAN port) using RLCAB005-CS cable.
  2. Connect VBOX to PC using RLCAB001 or RLCAB066-2 cable (RS232 or USB).
  3. Open VBOX Tools Setup or VBOX Setup.
  4. Click on the 3 Axis Module (VBOX Tools Setup) or IMU (VBOX Setup) tab, and tick all IMU channels to be logged and sent over serial (if required for live data display).
  5. Mount the VBOX 3i and IMU in test vehicle as described here
  6. Fit VBOX 3i GPS, GPS/ GLONASS antenna to centre of vehicles roof. Connect antenna to VBOX 3i and power up.
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