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03 - Using Steering Wheel Sensor with VBOX 3i

To use the Steering Wheel Sensor and log the channels with a VBOX 3i, it is necessary to make a physical connection to VBOX 3i and enable the channels for logging using VBOX Setup Software.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect the supplied Steering Wheel Sensor cable from the 4 pin Lemo port on the sensor to the 'CAN' port of the VB3i (or SER port if Racelogic CAN Modules has been switched from the  CAN port).
  2. Connect the VBOX to a PC and apply power.
  3. Open VBOX Setup Software, the Steering Wheel Sensor will be automatically detected by the software (if using VB3i firmware version 2.8 or later).

    Note: Steering Wheel Sensor signals are not available with an MFD (Multi-Function Display) when using the auto detect feature.
  4. Navigate to 'Channels' and then select 'Internal Steer Sensor'.

Steering Wheel Sensor Connection 1.png

  1. The four channels which are produced from the Steering Wheel Sensor will be presented: Torque, Torque_Spd, Angle and Angle_Spd.
  2. Ensure that the channels are set to 'Log to memory card' and if you would like to view live data, select the 'Send over serial' options. Click 'Write to unit' to save the settings to the VBOX.

Steering Wheel Sensor Connection 4.png

  1. Your Steering Wheel Sensor is now ready for testing with a VBOX 3i.
  2. Once testing is complete, you are able to analyse the recorded data within the .vbo file saved to the VBOX 3i SD card using our next generation of data analysis software VBOX Test Suite, which can be downloaded from the VBOX Automotive Website.

workspace (1).png

If you are connecting to VBOX 3i with a firmware version of less than 2.8 and you are unable upgrade the unit, you will need to download the .dbc file and upload it within VBOX Setup.

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