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General – VBOX Setup with VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK

The General menu contains connection, VBOX and diagnostics information.

VBOX Setup - VB3iSDR - General Tab.png

Connection Displays the selected COM port and includes a Disconnect button. A green light will be displayed when connected to a VBOX 3iS unit. VBOX Setup - VB3iSDR - General Tab_Connection (Cropped).png
VBOX Information

Displays the serial number and installed firmware version of the connected VBOX 3iS unit, as well as the current software version.

Note: When a variant of the VBOX 3iS is connected, 'VB3i S' will be displayed as the Unit Type.

VBOX Setup - VB3iSDR - General Tab_VBOX Information (Cropped).png
Diagnostics Displays live GPS data and the basic current setup. VBOX Setup - VB3iSDR - General Tab_Diagnostics (Cropped).png


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