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VBOX 3i is not connecting to PC

This page contains information about the USB drivers needed when you are using a UXB cable to connect VBOX 3i units to a PC.

If you are using a USB cable to connect your VBOX 3i unit to your PC, and the unit is not connecting as expected, the USB driver may be missing. 

Previously the USB driver used to connect a VBOX 3i unit to a computer was included in the installer packages for VBOX Test Suite and VBOX Setup.

The USB driver for Windows 10 and 11 are now provided through Windows Updates and will, therefore, not be included in the installer packages anymore. 

You can also download the USB driver for Windows 10 and 11 here.  

The USB driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 will NOT be provided via Windows updates. You can, however,  download them here.

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